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Spa Sula is one of the hottest spa destinations in the West. The name SULA is derived from a selection of attributes of the spa experience; serenity, utopia, luxury and ambience. When you step into Spa Sula you enter a luxurious temple of harmony for body, mind and spirit. It is an indulgent sanctuary created exclusively for your pleasure and well being.

Our luxury Destination Spa in Westport provides on oasis of calm and serenity. We cater for both day spa visitors to Westport or guests of one of our 4 star luxury Westport Hotels. In addition to a suite of spa treatments which includes facials, massages, body wraps and beauty treatments.

VOYA is a multi-award-winning spa brand boasting a certified organic status, a family ethos, and a tangible relationship with its core ingredient seaweed. Built on passion, integrity, and respect for the sea. For over 10 years, VOYA has led theway for results-driven, certified organic skincare worldwide. We blend our cherished natural resource with a wealth of the purest organic active ingredients and essential oils. inspired by their wild environment. Every treatment and skincare product conceptualised and developed has been a carefully considered work of art. Authenticity, respect for the planet and the human connection at each and every stage of the creation process makes VOYA unique and is key to its continued success. 

Spa treatments and thermal suite is available to guests over the age of 18 years.




We are pleased to announce the launch of a series of spa treatments to address and support the various symptoms associated with the Menopause. As we know, Perimenopause and Menopause are a time of hormonal imbalance bringing with it a myriad of symptoms that can be both uncomfortable and destabilising, leaving many sufferers feeling anxious, stressed and lacking in energy and self-confidence. These symptoms are many, and a list of possible symptoms can be found here, which range from the well-known hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings to the  lesser-known ones of anxiety, brain fog, nutritional intolerances, and joint/muscle aches.


Voya's Fortify Face and Body 
1 Hour Thermal Plus 80 minute Treatment €140

This treatment is highly recommended to support your wellbeing during changes in your life, such as menopause or periods of stress & anxiety. Transform your inner and outer self with VOYA’s balancing ritual which celebrates and supports you through the natural tides of life.
Using aromatherapy oils, stress and anxiety are washed away with massage to the back of the body to unwind. A grounding foot reflex massage anchors you to the present moment, while a soothing tummy massage eases bloating and aids digestion. Finish your treatment with a hydration boost to cool and calm your skin, easing irritation as busy minds are quietened with a blissful scalp massage.
This treatment includes: Back of body massage, Tummy massage, foot massage, facial & scalp massage.


Voya Nourishing Cocoon Journey
1 Hour Thermal Plus 80 minute Treatment €125 

Rebalance the body, hydrate the skin and calm the mind with this transformative experience. Your journey begins with a Voya’s time to shine exfoliation which will leave skin looking radiant. Lavender body butter is then applied and you are cocooned in soft muslin. Slip into a deeper state of relaxation with a soothing mini facial and scalp massage whilst a calming mask hydrates your face.





Our Spa Shop will allow you to purchase our most pupular Voya products and have them posted directly to your home or click and collect at Spa Veda at the Westport Coast Hotel. 



Benefits of our Seaweed Baths 


Seaweed baths have many therapeutic benefits. Scientific studies have confirmed that seaweed bathing helps lower body stress and relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Seaweed baths are also linked to a variety of health benefits thanks to their minerals, vitamins, trace elements and polysaccharide content. These baths are used for all kinds of ailments since they help reduce muscle aches and pains. Seaweed has natural anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties which improve the suppleness and elasticity of the skin



1 Hour Thermal +  40 min Bathing Ritual €55
Please choose one of the following 40 min bathing rituals: 

A relaxing bath soak with a blend of VOYA organic essential oils, organic lemon, lime, clove, basil & mandarin
combined with bath salts. This is a wonderful aromatic bath treat prior to further VOYA treatments.

Submerge your body into a bath of organic, hand harvested Atlantic seaweed (focus serratus) to remove unwanted toxins and alleviate aches and pains. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. With its organic status approved by the IOFGA, Lazy Days utilises the natural power of organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing internally and externally. This is the renowned “sailors cure”.

VOYA’s Organic Warmed Spiced Mud Bath offers a potent detoxification, due to its trace elements, vitamins, lipids, polyphenols
and humic acids from peat. Infused with organic seaweed extracts, this treatment assists in reducingthe appearance of cellulite and combats the signs of ageing. This dark, deep relaxing bath will assist in soothing muscular aches and pains, relieve stress and fatigue and energise mind and soul.

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